Just this once

C called me at work today, all bent out of shape because apparently his father had told him he couldn’t watch J play video games with him (I’m sure there was more to the story – like he was irritating them and had been forewarned). C was adamant that I talk to his father to “tell him he’s wrong”. Oh boy, I’m sure that would go over just great. I told C that I was sorry but that I’m not the boss of his dad. His response, “can’t you just take my side just this once?”. It was a good attempt, and part of me wanted to cave but my answer had to be “no, C, you’ll have to work it out with dad. Mom’s and Dad’s have to be on the same side”. There was a pause and then “Oh, so is it like a law?” – Yes, C, it’s a law šŸ™‚

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