Confessions of a Soccer Mom

I have started this post over and over, constantly erasing it. It just hasn’t flowed through my fingers onto the keyboard. So many things are going on – nothing bad, just busy. It feels like a momentous time, things are happening slowly but so evidently. It is hard to describe to people – I feel like I am walking in another mother’s shoes. This is some sort of alternate reality. I think I like it. I am afraid to get too comfortable though – I know things can change in an instant.

For now though – I sit on the side of the soccer field and cheer on my son’s school soccer team. I sometimes get caught up in the moment and yell things out. I whoop with delight when we score. I gasp when a player falls and groan when we kick but miss. The sun beams down on us and a light, cool wind blows. I beam as I watch my son, part of a team, for the first time.

It feels good. He is proud, so are we.

True bliss

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