Collective Bargaining

C has been branching out in his efforts to embrace self-advocacy. As a follow up to his recent plea which he felt was not heard since he has yet to be out for recess, he wrote the following today:

Dear Mrs. Teacher,

I am on strike for non fair recess practices and the only way to get me off strike is to let me go outside for recess.

The morning is the worst because I have to go to the games room and I hate the games room. I hate it because it is boring

I know everyone says the field is muddy and I have to wait but I don’t want to wait. Other kids don’t have to wait.

Please let me go outside



Now THAT is a letter! I helped him type it but the words are all his own. I am so proud.

As a backstory, there is a lot of talk of unions and strike in our house and community lately so where he got this terminology is pretty clear but I love how he figured out how to apply it to his situation.

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