Family, Funnel Cakes and Ferris Wheels

Throughout this year, one lesson we have taken to heart completely is to enjoy and savour every wonderful moment we have together as a family. With C doing well we headed off to Toronto for our 2nd Annual Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) family Getaway.

A rare moment of brotherly love to start off the day. Truth was they were both worried that the other one would step over the yellow line painted by the tracks – A and I were worried that in their desperate attempts to “save” each other that one of them would get thrown over the side. SIGH

He plugged his ears out of habit, and yet, the GO Train was not as loud as it used to be AND even though the Ex was very loud at times – it didn’t seem to bother him as it had in the past.

This is an actual picture of me with my two boys on that insane ride. I felt guilted into joining my boys in some sort of ride and at least this one wouldn’t spin me around violently. Thanks to A and my best friend from highschool who joined us that day – I felt I had no choice but to take the plunge. (Don’t tell them but it ended up being a great experience for us all).

What is the Ex without a Funnel Cake??

J was SOOOOOOO excited to discover that this year he was old enough to go on most of the rides, including being able to drive his own bumper car. He did pretty well too.

We didn’t tell the boys ahead of time but we were hoping we might be able to last until after dark – when the lights get turned on and the Ex is just magical. We knew there was a very real chance that C would not be able to last that long but . . . .

We didn’t stay long after it began to get dark. But long enough for A and I to feel nostalgic for our younger years and the boys to experience the Midway come alive. We were all feeling pretty tired and worn out (and full!!) but the boys went repeatedly through this fun house before we left . . .

My childhood friend commented that perhaps they felt at home there – that was when I looked up and read the sign with the name. We rocked with laughter then gathered up the troops to head home. A glorious and much needed day for our family.

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