Gets Me Everytime

He sits answering the serious questions

then actually asks if he can type the answers himself

quickly asking for help on how to spell words

I sit with my back to him, facing the other people – trying to make it seem less like he has an audience (not that we are kidding anyone – there are 5 adults in the room)

He gives an answer that ends in “balls”

He starts to giggle

The 12 year old boy in him just can’t help it

He repeats it a few times, changing some of the other words but always adding “balls”, pausing to look around to see our reactions

I keep my back to him

But my shoulders shaking from my laughter give me away

Apparently I too am a 12 year old boy

It’s not his words, it’s that giggle from the depths of his soul – the one we heard the first day we met him at age 3.5. It swooped in and stole my heart that day as it does today. I can be the stone faced mom under any other circumstance but that giggle

it gets me every time

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