Flying High and Looking Back

I’m still flying high from giving my workshop over a week ago.  I still cannot believe I not only wasn’t nervous but that I hit it out of the park.  I really hope I am able to give more talks – I really feel it is a calling.

I have Tuesday’s off from work. This is a fairly new development that was a necessity because between my appointments for diabetes and depression I also have to take Corbin to his regular appointments. Not to mention we both have regular bloodwork that has to be done.  Tuesday’s are also supposed to be about giving me a little “me” time.  This hasn’t really been happening very much as there are always appointments and errands to be done.

Today I finished up all my “chores” and settled in at the computer. Facebook doesn’t have the pull it used to have as many people never comment or share anymore. I decided to read some blogs. What I found made me really sad – almost all the sites either haven’t been updated in 2 years or they are no longer accessible.  All those sites that helped me so much in the early days of parenting a child with a disability. The feeling of not being alone, of learning a new technique you hadn’t thought of.  Message boards and personal blogs helped me get through. The message boards I used to frequent are either defunct or are a ghost town. I’m sad to think that the same resources are not available to new pareimg_20160325_171616nts coming down the path.

So with that in mind I will be looking to update this site, tagging each post (I am horrible at doing that) and making it searchable by topic. My hope is that some of my family story might be helpful to a new parent just testing out the waters.

And here is a random picture of me sleeping while sitting up because it’s funny and we should all make fun of ourselves once in a while.

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