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The other day I was at an Ontario Early Years centre for work. The place was packed with parents, Grandparents and kids. Some moms sat back and let their kids explore, others stayed right with their child. What I didn’t … Continue reading

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Belonging for a Season – Flashback Friday

< Fall 2008 He moves quickly on the field, pausing briefly to readjust his shorts. I am wondering if only I know it is a tic – it's probably only noticeable to me I think. The ball moves to his … Continue reading

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When You Wish Looks Could Kill (or at least do serious harm)

I was reading Kari’s post this morning and it made me remember an incident years ago with C. I thought I had blogged it because I remembered typing it out. Turns out it was years before I started blogging but … Continue reading

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Competence and Camaraderie

I am going back and trying to finish up posts I started several months ago and hit “publish” on as many of them as I can. I’m trying to change my ways of never finishing things. This post was originally … Continue reading

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Small Update & The Best Secret Ever

C has been working so hard – at school, home, Scouts and the treatment centre he attends most afternoons. He’s actually finishing projects he has started (with lots of support) and he has a Science Fair Project due this Friday … Continue reading

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Better than Christmas . . .

The bags are packed. A is loading up the van. I wander around the house with my list, trying to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything. Baths are being had and clothes will get laid out to aid in our … Continue reading

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The Alphabet Soup of Diagnosis

I think we have reached an impasse. I am really struggling with what to do. On the one hand I refuse to be beholden to diagnosis, I don’t want my child prejudged or held down by man made labels. I … Continue reading

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