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Advocacy is not a 4-Letter Word

There are times where, as the parent of a child with a disability, you will be told to fight for what your child needs. Us “special needs moms” – we tell each other “fight for him, you know him best” … Continue reading

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Our Son had a Positive Transition to High School

Our Son had a Positive Transition to High School:    Why? Good Planning, Respect for Parental Knowledge and Excellent Teamwork High school was coming fast and just the thought of it filled me with dread. Our son, Corbin, was still only … Continue reading

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Like a Failure

I feel like a failure And I have felt like that for quite some time I don’t feel like a failure for everything – just a failure in creating inclusive opportunities for my son and other children with disabilities. I … Continue reading

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Double edged sword

As soon as I walk through the door he throws himself toward me, his face pinched with anger he shouts with disgust in his voice “Did you and Dad buy me a Chromebook?” “hunh?What?” I respond while I put down … Continue reading

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We Shouldnt Have to

I was going through emails and found this one, sent to our case manager at CPRI in May 2010. It’s pretty intense because I was in crisis with C. I mean that, it wasn’t just him in crisis – our … Continue reading

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Technology Before Anyone is Ready

My oldest son is in Grade 10. He received his first computer in the fourth grade. I’m not sure what kind of training his teachers received. I know that I asked and received an hour with the technology person who … Continue reading

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Advocacy is NOT a 4 letter word

One of the things that took me a long time to learn is that to be a successful advocate you need to know to advocate effectively. Most importantly you need to know what an advocate IS and what an advocate … Continue reading

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