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To the 28 year Old Me

You are about to meet the most adorable little boy who will make you a mother. His smile and laugh are the best. He gives hugs like no other and his inquisitiveness is infectious.  Your first few weeks of being … Continue reading

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We Shouldnt Have to

I was going through emails and found this one, sent to our case manager at CPRI in May 2010. It’s pretty intense because I was in crisis with C. I mean that, it wasn’t just him in crisis – our … Continue reading

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Not Ready to Settle

Four years ago our family was launched into the throes of mental illness when our then 11 year old son spiraled into a dark and frantic place filled with hallucinations and out of control behaviour.  I can’t believe it has … Continue reading

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The Horror of it All

A few years ago I threw in the towel and stopped taking C to get haircuts. I was tired of all the stress and disastrous results. Looking back I can recognize now that the experience put C into sensory overload … Continue reading

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Give him his dignity!!!!

I admit it people, I lost it. I saw red when dealing with the school yesterday and I told the principal to call C’s class and have them get him ready – I walked out the front door with an … Continue reading

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The Alphabet Soup of Diagnosis

I think we have reached an impasse. I am really struggling with what to do. On the one hand I refuse to be beholden to diagnosis, I don’t want my child prejudged or held down by man made labels. I … Continue reading

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Playground Tales

I’m mad, I’m sad, I’m despondent, I’m confused. Took C & J to their favourite park today to burn off some energy. While J ran around like a maniac in his fireman rain boots, C headed off to try to … Continue reading

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